1) 1) What is SurfExange.com and How it works ?
SurfExange.com is a Traffic exchange systems, It helps you to increase your website traffic for free, with just few minutes of work. The exchange system is very simple, every time you view another an website posted by another member, you will receive coins which can be used to receive visits to your website.

How it works ?
After signing up, you will be able to submit all the websites you want to send traffic to. Then you can either earn free traffic by viewing others' sites.

1. Add website
Submit your Website to get Ready.

2. Earn points
Watch others’ websites to Earn coins.

3. Get free visitors
When you earn coins - They will watch yours.
2) 2) What are Coins ?
Coins are a virtual currency used to get traffic for your website.
3) 3) What is CPC
CPC is the amount of coins paid for every unique visitors send by us to your website. The higher CPC is, the faster you receive visitors. Besides that, time spent by visitor on your website is based on CPC, so if you set a higher CPC, you get a longer visit.
4) How can I get Coins?
You can get free coins by visiting other people websites. Also you can buy them or receive them as daily bonus, from coupon codes, etclottery, Lucky Wheel.
5) 5) What is VIP Membership?
VIP Membership is an account upgrade which gives you various extra features on our website, like higher CPC, free coins, traffic targeting, etc.
6) 6) Why I didn't received free coins if I have VIP Membership?
Monthly coins are provided if you bought VIP Membership by PayPal subscription. If you receive VIP Membership as a bonus, you won't receive any free coins, those coins are for monthly subscription only.
7) 7) How many accounts can I make?
You are allowed to use just one account. If you register more than 1 account, we will ban all your accounts and you will loose all your coins.
8) How to order Coins ?
Since some days ago, you may ask how to order coins or coins pack on surfexange.com. Well, here is how you can do that:

1. Login your account

2. go to Buy Coins in header menu

3. Select coins pack you want to order by clicking on his Buy Now button

4. Go now to the bottom of the page and select your desire payment method you want.

Then make your payment to AG2000 Merchant accounts
9) Why my site not getting visitors?
This is an important question we are happy to respond. All website listing on our site will rely get unique visitors per IP, per Day.

In order for your site to get visitors fast, it must be at top of other sites. Why and How ?

Because, as you can see, Maximum Coins Per Click Free members can set are 7 coins and VIP members are 15 coins.

More than that, free members can only click using manual surf up to 14 sites a day. So your bad like, if you are not VIP, and if VIP members set a lot of site with Coins Per Click higher than yours, this means their site will be at the top. And when free members are surfing, if they do 14 surfs, they can not continue this day, because they reach limit. So your site will be access only by premium or VIP members.

To upgrade, we can help you, just contact us and try to find VIP membership discount we publish time to time.
10) Terms and Conditions
You can read out terms HERE